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Experience true paradise with exclusive luxury programs and top-notch products offered exclusively by The SPA at Paradise.

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The Spa at Paradise Signature Program


[Facial Program]


CHERRY BLOSSOM BLOOMING ∙ 70 minutes / 165,000 KRW

It helps quickly moisturize and soothe the skin stressed by UV rays and external environment and also helps adjust oil-water balance.

(including décolleté and scalp)


SEA & “C“ BRIGHTENING ∙ 80 minutes / 198,000 KRW

It helps provide the skin that lacks vitality with concentrated vitamin C and freeze-dried marine plants and supports a quick recovery of the skin to make it transparently clean and clear.

(Including back, décolleté, scalp, and nourishing patches for eyes)


[Massage Program]


RELAXING SWEDISH ∙ 80 minutes / 264,000 KRW

Gentle, elaborate techniques help relax tensed, exhausted body and mind.


VITALIZING KOREAN ∙ 80 minutes / 264,000 KRW

This traditional Korean style care program helps recover fatigue and fully vitalized the skin with elaborate and powerful touch.


PRONE POSITION ∙ 50 minutes / 165,000 KRW

It helps relieve stress through intensive care on the back and the back of the leg which are easily fatigued.